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Audio Generation

As we are getting closer to launch latest version of SongHi, I'm trying to get the full picture of Audio in the future. I checked the future of music mid September at Web Audio Conference at Berlin. Let's take cookies as an example. Collection of cookies is a normal part of web-browsing. But turning that data into audio gives you a good idea how much each page and move sends data out. Searching through accommodation or flights feels never the same again. I can hear the data outpour as thunder through loudspeakers.

Visual brands try to take our attention thousands times a day. So we have learnt to filter it quite well. Our visual personality is updated frequently in social media, but hardly no one has an audio identity...not even most brands. Audio books, radio, podcasts and audio creation are on the rise and I see it taking over visuals in many cases, since we are overloaded with visuals. Maybe the next step is the sense of smell...

...Or how about if your audio acts as a business / company through blockchain.

some links to be checked

Listening back video

SongHi developers Miika and Chris at Berlin web audio conference.

SongHi developers Miika and Chris at Berlin web Audio

Audio coding by Charles Roberts. Improvisation.

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