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For Global impact Only!

I was invited to join Unicef International Council meeting in Florence with my daughter Kitri. During our meetings she joined kids around the world (Afganistan, Liberia,..) to learn more about each other and our problems.

Beneath the beautiful city lies some core functions of Unicef like innovation center. During the two days we walked through the problematic scene of charity/philanthropy/impact investing or whatever you want to call it. The problems we face in the future are quite challenging: climate change combined with AI driven change to labour market and population growth in most vulnerable areas to be spiced up with local problems already on the rise.

The question remains...So what can one person do about this? I try to keep it very simple starting from the people I meet and greet on daily bases. How about a smile and friendly word to start with!

It's easy to carry on after that...donate, recycle, vote right, be critical with social media, stand for your rights...

So how about you? Feel like doing some good...consider that done and decided and act on it.

Some of the challenges we are facing ahead. Despite of virtual connectivity kids are lonelier than ever. This is one of the three requirements to employees by millennials in recruiting.

Teenagers getting ready for Florence challenge.

Some problems..and practical solutions.

Liberia's challenges according to teenagers.

Core focus areas for the future. Getting decent education and meaningful work especially to women is critical.

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