Busiest December ever!

Combining the annual startup event Slush and Hong Kong Learning and Teaching expo both in December requires both me and especially Stuart on behalf of PolkuniHK massive amount of work.

This year I was busy with SongHi beta launch at Slush with the team and firing up team spirit with the ones heading to HK the following week.

Findings were the following:

- In big events work on your personal event journey way ahead and skip all unnecessary. This year side events in Slush were often more worth visiting than the actual main event. Big events are always good places to validate your unfinished product and get great variety of feedback. The spirit is right and people are happy to give their time to help you. Very interesting deep talks with total strangers.

- Collecting the right team to go abroad for an expo is critical for best results. This year we had the best ever teams to HK forming a good spirit on the stand to catch maximum attention. No rules apply. You need to be personal and dare to stop people passing by and everyone needs to participate. It's not easy to stop a Chinese.

This year the best opening line goes to Tero asking Chinese passing by: Do you know Seppo? (Let me tell you a bit..).

AND then last but not least.. THE VERY LAST WEEK!

Went like this...

CEO: Hi Pasi, How has it been?

ME: HOW much? WHEN ? and WHY?

Few Explanations:

- How much? (Usually way too much for the end of the year)

- When? (Today or yesterday)

- Why? (Sudden out of money situation meaning Christmas time surprise)

Have a pleasant holiday time and remember to relax! It's a long way to Midsummer.

Jyri Engeström opened the Slush side-event Oxygen2050 event. Very interesting topics (see below)

Session 1 workshops for impactful future at Oxygen2050.

My personal highlight at Slush main event with my son Arni with me.

Hong Kong educational top senior officials stop to meet PolkuniHK Stuart and our Finnish stand.

Team HK heading to dinner.

Me and event keynote speaker Kirsti Lonka at top level dinner.

It's bottoms up with Salmiakkikossu (self made) at the end of expo for 2019.

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