Jobs at BETT London

I found myself AGAIN searching for something new at the grand educational show BETT London. Right from the entrance were the massive UAE empty stands as usual with empty content. That path lead me to the land of educational giants in the center of the big show hall. There the action was normal and that made me feel good about being in this impact industry since it sometimes feels quite lonely.

The only interesting in UAE stands was this...but out of order that day.

"Round up the usual suspects" in the center of the show room.

I always thought education should prepare students for work life? Due to changes in the labor market, it is the most important question to be asked. Somehow I do not get BETT answering to that question at all.

TES surprised me mentioning JOBS at their booth. Over 100 year old company focuses on creating job opportunities for teachers globally. Teachers drop out rate just went up again last year to almost 12 % in UK. One of the biggest workloads are emails from parents after work.

Seppo holds currently top position in my EDU-portfolio. The small future giants like Seppo at startup area and next to future school stage keep me alive this year.

The startup area keeps the smile on your face. The small stands furthest by the wall never let you down with passion. Founders there do not scan your badge to collect activity smile points but actually have time for a proper talk. All in all STEM (without A=arts as in “STEAM”) subjects and gadgets were all over the place. Very safe and traditional approaches that will not challenge the educational industry one bit. Sadly many countries benchmark UK blindly, whereas all people I talked with say they are moving to the wrong direction.

Mrs. Carrot caught my eye immediately. She was committed to change the diets of students in schools by educating them about healthy green food. The parents need to be educated too to make this work.

Luckily I found two companies around music. Soundtrap, a Spotify company, has a sophisticated web based music making solution as BandLab has too.

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