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Meanwhile in Finland

After visiting the educational show in UK, BETT London, on Wednesday, I took some time off to visit the educational show in Finland, EDUCA, on Saturday. Whereas Bett London is the one to visit in UK/Europe, Educa in Helsinki is the one in Finland.

Those two could not be more apart. It's not just the scale of things, but also the seriousness and diversity of the topic that we in Finland want to enhance. We think education is for everyone in all areas of life. It is considered to be essential in your personal development throughout your life to become a better person and citizen of our planet. So we are ready to bend the rules for raise national educational standard for everyone. We do not give a shit about grades and we take art in its all forms to be a big part of the journey.

Let me give you few examples:

- Learn to know your breasts better

- Learn to get rid of nicotine addiction ...

- TRY helps you to find your own way to academic career.

- Dropout rates are high even in Finland. The earlier we recognise the possible candidate the better.

Team work at a joint stand.

Music is compulsory in Finnish education. School band having a gig.

Adult education is a big topic currently.

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