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Polkuni HK creating new market opportunities in Indonesia for TinyApp and Kide Science.

For sometime now we have been looking at the market in Indonesia, I lived there myself for six years so I know and understand the potential of the country given its large population, 265 million people, with an average age of 29 years. Indonesia has continued to develop over the last decade in many areas and education will be a key element of their growth.

Like China, Indonesia still has the majority of the activities and elements that drive growth in the main cities, Jakarta being the key city based on the island of Java, its also the centre of government in Indonesia. Jakarta is also the first location of the Kidventure Academy a new Kindergarten model that will combine an East/West approach in terms of pedagogy and understanding of the Asian culture so meeting the needs of the local market.

Polkuni HK has been working with ACE Edventure group to help develop this, ACE has been working with local Indonesian partners to develop the opportunity, Polkuni HK has also brought in TinyApp and Kide Science. The Kindergarten will open in early July, we are fortunate to have such a great team of people working on this collaboration.

The local team have a lot of knowledge, skill and passion which is great to see and feel.

Watch this space and I will update as we going along with this exciting project.......

with a recent increase in the infracture and the political environment. All these changes also mean Indonesia is starting to develop an an accelerated rate, there are many startups in Indonesia now, from which have been created a number of unicorn companies, which in turn drives the startup scene.

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