Vagus Nerve and art of persuasion

Stig Severinsen gave us topless how you can activate your muscles.

Vagus Nerve is one of the 12 cranial nerves in our body. At Presidents Institute Summit in Copenhagen Stig Severinsen talked and showed at Breatheology how to archieve your peak performance. He has a a world record in holding his breath for 22 minutes. This incredible stunt tells me that we have an amazing machine built inside of us. The sad truth is that we use only so little of our full potential and we are not willing to push us out of the sofa to find more about us. Why not to combine breathing exercises to your daily routines?

"Vagus Nerve activation leads to increased sharing, cooperation and altruism" by Dacher Keltner: The Power Paradox.

Thomas Ebeling talked about the psychology of the threat of disruption and how to survive it.

The art of persuasion was one of the main topics. How many of the following do you use when pitching your idea/product Resiprocation, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking or Consensus? Paying attention to all these is worth it since each one of them has science based evidence to give you a minimum +15% gain.

But the mother of all methods is the the battle between Pervasion vs. Pre-Suasion. Pre-Suasion means is that you give a hint (words, action or images) related to your goal just before presenting it traditionally. Remember that your job is to reduce any reluctancy to change AND ALWAYS TELL THE BAD THINGS FIRST.

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